Contest Scoring

Below you will find contest scoring from 2019. This is supplied for reference and is subject to change for 2020 (Note, dates are for 2020 in the text)

Contest Scoring Values and Languages

The Ms Los Angeles Leather contest is judged by a panel of nine judges selected from the community and Olympic scoring system is utilized. Contestants can earn a maximum of 200 points. A minimum score of 80% must be achieved to be eligible for the title.

This is the first formal opportunity the Contestants will have to meet the judging panel.  The Meet and Greet will occur on Friday June 19th with location TBD.

  1. You will be asked to promote the silent auction and/or possibly sell raffle tickets; 
  2. Contestant number draw will occur.
  3. You will be required to stay until either dismissed by the contestant coordinator or at a designated curfew time.

Interviews are open to the public.  Interviews are scheduled to commence on Saturday June 20th, 2020 location TBD. The judging panel will interview the contestants for a period of approximately 20 minutes.  Questions may include, but are not limited to, community contributions, personal history, Leather history and current events.

        • Interviews are open to the public, but not open to other contestants or primary handlers of other contestants);
        • ALL forms of recording, including but not limited to video and/or audio are absolutely PROHIBITED.
        • If a contestant wishes to have any questions that they need to get back to judges on recorded, they must ask the contestant coordinator BEFORE their interview commences for this accommodation.
        • If a Contestant is found encouraging and/or requesting the interview be recorded in ANY manner, she/they will suffer a reduction in interview points and face possible disqualification as well as precluded from applying and/or attending any future Ms. LA Leather contests.
        • Contestants and their handlers will be sequestered during the duration of the entire interview process and will be asked to abstain from utilizing electronic communication while interviews are being conducted.

The contestants will be introduced to the audience in their bar wear. Bar wear is defined as what you would wear when going to your local leather bar and/or other casual leather gathering.

Fantasies will be performed on stage during Saturday’s show.  Fantasies are one of the highlights of the contest and the contestant coordinator will work with contestants to provide the best possible stage performance.

      • The performance may not exceed FIVE minutes and must be completely performed within the area on the stage.
      • Contestants should plan for ease of setting up/taking down of any props being used (must take no longer than 60 seconds to set up and 60 seconds to take down).
    1. Contestants may use pre-recorded audio (music, spoken word, voiceovers) to enhance their performance (though this is not required).
      • All spoken words within the fantasy must submitted in writing to the contestant coordinator by March 23rd, 2019 for ASL interpretation;
      • A description of the fantasy scene must be submitted in writing to the contestant coordinator by March 23rd, 2019..
        1. Submission must include explanation of the scene, props and music general theme of the fantasy scene.
        1. ANY possible “TRIGGER”s (the term is used to describe sensations, images, or experiences that TRIGGERs a traumatic memory and/or event.) must be outlined in said submission.   Please note, you may be asked to modify or make adjustments. [Examples to outline a few: simulated rape scene, gunshots/imagery of ANY kind in your music, race play, age play. Anything that aims to mock, punish compromise and/or harm any individual, group will not be allowed.
        1. The producer of the Ms. Los Angeles Leather contest reserves the right to define and/or amend its understanding of the term TRIGGER at any time.
      • If a TRIGGER is a part of the contestant’s fantasy scene, but approved by the contest producer, a warning will be announced prior to the Contestant taking the stage.
    2. Any music needed to be played during the fantasy scene must be stored on a thumb drive and submitted to the contestant coordinator by Friday March 29th, 2019.  Please note, music stored by any other methods will not be accepted.

Your Den Daddy/Contestant Coordinator will award these points according to your timeliness with completed tasks, adherence to the rules and instructions set forth and the manner by which you interact with the staff, volunteers, and attendees.


Contestants will give their Speech on stage during Saturday’s show.  Each contestant has ninety (90) seconds to speak on a topic of their choice.  This segment is intended to showcase the contestant and their ability to connect with not only the judging panel but also the audience.  Although mics will not be turned off at the 90 second mark, the contestant may suffer a reduction in points if they exceed the allotted 90 seconds. Allowance will be made for audience interruptions.

      1. A written copy of the speech must be submitted to the contestant coordinator by Thursday, March 23,2019 for ASL interpretation;
      2. Only the contestant coordinator and ASL interpreter(s) will have the text of the speech unless it requires review by the contest producer of potential TRIGGER(s) or inappropriate content, as may be determined by the contestant coordinator.
      3. The speech does not have to be approved unless it includes TRIGGERs or inappropriate content, as may be determined by the contestant coordinator.  
      4. If a TRIGGER is part of your speech, but approved by the contest producer, a warning will be announced prior.

Each Contestants will be asked a Pop Question on stage during Saturday’s show.  Each Contestant will have the opportunity to dazzle the audience and judging panel with intellect and/or quick wit, while they strut their stuff in Hot Wear.

  • Your outfit should capture your Leather likeness and should make you feel hot, sexy, fierce and most importantly, confident;
  • Contestant will draw a Pop Question, and will be given an opportunity to read it to themselves before the MC reads it  aloud to the audience;


Fantasies will be performed on stage during Saturday’s show.  Fantasies can be up to five minutes in length and are open to showcase the contestant’s creativity. Trigger warnings will be issued for content as necessary.

Point Breakdown

  • Meet & Greet
  • Interview
  • Bar Wear/ Introduction
  • Fantasy
  • Leather Spirit
  • Speech/Formal Wear
  • Hot Wear/Pop Questions