A Note from MsLAL2017

A Note From The Producer/ Miss Los Angeles Leather 2017

One of my core missions over the last year of holding this title (and beyond) has been promoting visibility, accessibility, representation and diversity.
In taking over the Ms Los Angeles Leather contest I have tried to reflect these values in every decision made.
I’ve tried to figure out how to best balance out the needs of producing a financially sustainable event and title and provide my titleholder with the support they need with also recognizing that participation should never be something that only those of means and privilege get to enjoy.


I was thinking of following the model of numerous other Leather events that allow for people to anonymously purchase tickets for others but that becomes cumbersome and potentially adding of extra weight and stress in having to speak about need.
So with that said. For our Friday night meet and greet and Saturday night contest there is a cover, 100% of which benefits the titleholder and if you can and wish to do so, any additional donation is greatly appreciated, but if you are someone who would like to attend and participate but may not have the means to do so, I want you to remember four simple words when you reach the door.


“We are one Leather.”


That’s it.
No need to say anything else.
That gets you in.
Because we are.


With love and respect,

Scarlett Sin

Ms Los Angeles Leather